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Rent Out a Photo Booth in Romeo, Michigan

January 11th, 2012 by blogadmin | Comments Off on Rent Out a Photo Booth in Romeo, Michigan | Filed in Photobooths

Capture all the best memories by renting out a photo booth in Romeo, Michigan for your next big event from Sound Dog Productions. With a photo booth you can take home some of the best moments. Photo booth rentals are perfect for any occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Don’t miss out on all the fun by renting out a photo booth in Romeo, Michigan.

When you rent out a photo booth in Romeo, Michigan from Sound Dog Productions, there are many options available to make sure that you and your guests have a great time. Options include:

  • Still photos
  • Video option
  • Basket of Props
  • Scrapbook (optional)
  • And Much More!

    Sound Dog Productions does more than just photo booth rentals, they also offer the best DJ services in Michigan. So no matter what the event may be, Sound Dog Productions wants to make sure you have a blast. Take advantage in all the services that Sound Dog Production offers from great DJ services to photo booth rental. For your next big event be sure to call Sound Dog Productions at 586-255-8582 or visit!

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  • What is it About Photo Booths that Bring Out the Crazy in People?

    November 16th, 2011 by blogadmin | 1 Comment | Filed in Photobooths

    They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and with the photo booth craze at weddings, parties and other social events this statement has never been more true. Whether it’s a birthday party, an office party, a wedding or any other kind of special event, photo booths are the new fun thing to have! Photo booths allow you to capture all your favorite memories during special occasions.

    So what is it about photo booths that bring out the crazy in people? Is the hat on your head, the funky sunglasses covering your eyes or is it the people surrounding you and the celebration of a special occasion? It is true that photo booths are all the hype! So don’t miss out on a chance to entertain your guests with a photo booth to capture all the great memories.

    Spice up the evening by renting a photo booth from Sound Dog Productions. This photo booth will capture your magical evening as you and your guests get crazy in the photo booth. Rent a photo booth for your next big occasion from Sound Dog Productions. This state-of-the-art photo booth has new and improved features that will make your photo booth experience amazing! Features include:

    • Option of having photos in color or in black & white
    • Internet connection allows you to post pictures on Facebook
    • Records live video messages
    • Prop basket available
    • Create a scrapbook of your guests photos
    • And Much More!

    Host the event that all your friends and family will never stop talking about by renting out a photo booth from Sound Dog Productions. Be able to take home all the memories from your special event. For more information about renting a photo booth from Sound Dog Productions visit or call 586-255-8582

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